Keith Mabtoul

Keith Mabtoul
Keith Mabtoul. Founder of Stock Markets Analysis

I am a full-time, independent stock market researcher and analyst, based near the Greater Toronto area, in Ontario, Canada. I speak multiple languages fluently, including French and Arabic. I emigrated with my family to France in my teens, studied and worked for a telecommunication company. In my late twenties, I chose to live in Canada and arrived in Toronto with only a little bit of English, a visa card, and $500.00 in my pocket. I managed to spend half and saved the other half, once I found a dishwasher job. Six months later I opened a part-time small retail business in a flea market meanwhile, I kept my full-time job, allowing me to establish a good credit, get to know my banker and learn more about the business and marketing. After I had saved enough money, I moved my business to a full-time premises, in a bigger mall. Capital Research Management is a membership fee blog forecasts. What I will not do it on this site is to give financial advice or say anything to invest in.

I have been trading Canadian and American stocks for almost 2 decades and I have accumulated an extensive knowledge and expertise. In 1998, I began trading with $25,000 in a self-directed brokerage account. While starting off as a part-time buy-and-sell investor, I became intrigued by the market’s dynamics and from there I began to investigate the field of stock research and analysis. First, I had to learn the language of trading and investing, memorizing the names of all the technical indicators, ticker symbols, companies, economic reports, and what they represent. I carefully learned who the key players are, in order to be able to make a strong, and educated stand on investments.

For over, 19 years, I have been observing capital market trends and cycles with a critical eye. I have successfully predicted the 2008 stock markets crash and the economic meltdown and other global political strategies changes. I warned my family and friends about this matter and most of the time I was not taken seriously and the majority of them considered my vision was not plausible. My intuition in stock market research and analysis pushed me to make this field my career.

I am looking forward to working with financial institutions, private equity firms, pension funds, mutual funds and hedge funds, as well as welcoming potential high-net-worth individual investors (H.N.W.I) to join me for a hedge fund start-up.

My blogs posts are long in order to detail and explain my processes clearly. I will not post a resume or CV. Instead of participating in question-and-answer interviews, I spend my time researching stock options. My research and results speak for themselves and because of this, I am confident about my research, analysis, and leadership.

Using the best technology, I prefer to work remotely, to stay independent, and to generate fresh ideas rather than commit to an office. This decision allows me to work in the best environment for me and achieve the most success. I am prepared to research various portfolios based on your needs. My research and analysis strategy focuses on trading long and short American and Canadian stocks using proprietary technology tools and fundamental strategies that I have developed in my extensive groundwork studies and recently I began my research on stock options. My investing methods are credited to the style of Sir Warrant Buffet and additionally, Professor Benjamin Graham, Burton Malkiel and Jeremy Siegel. I must say that I have a speculative, inventive and instinctive side that aids me through my stock picks. This said, I have the tendency to disagree with the crowd and stay away from getting overly optimistic or pessimistic about any given stock.

I am not a registered investment adviser and I am not affiliated with any finance companies or banking institutions. I have no interest in pushing any particular investments or products; I will only advise on the merits of investment research and analysis. Investing in stocks carries risks and if you are not comfortable with this then I thank you for reading this posting and good luck. You must be aware that past performance does not guarantee similar future results. Capital Research Management makes no promise or different guarantees as all the outcomes that may be acquired from the utilization of this site.

To attest to my performance, save a screenshot of my portfolio stock picks, and refer back to them after 18 months moving average, or you can register your email address to my website to receive new updates and follow my blog. Please feel free to contact me personally to discuss your individual situation.
Do not contact me if you are not a serious investor, or have doubts about my methods.